Die letzte Fahrt


Missing: Carla Bornkamp, 36 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, 1,71 meter tall, slim body

A dead body of a woman is found on an interstate service area. Just from short distance you can find out, that the dressed up woman is not alive. She has marked similarities with the missed Carla Bornkamp. Though after identification the police is clear about, that this is a different woman, who disappeared many years ago. Is it just an accident or does the police has to face a serial killer? Where was the found dead woman all the years?

Detective chief superintendent Marcus Labrenz and journalist David Cramer, who makes enquiries after Bornkamp, are getting deeper and deeper into this case and are searching desperately for some connections between this women, however the murderer is always one step ahead. Is it possible for Labrenz and Cramer to identify the cruel killer before there will be one more victim? A fight against the time begins.

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