Before you will find out more about my books, let’s start with some information about me.

I was born in a small town near Bremen, Lower Saxony in 1971. As a child, I started writing short stories. Further I always loved reading books. Unfortunately for me: Often I was quite unhappy with the end of the story. Even today I can hear my grandmothers words: “Why don’t you do it better?” Soon it was not enough for me to just change stories of others into my own version. That’s why I started myself to put ideas down on paper. Especially as a teenager I used my stories to escape into other worlds and adventures.

After school I absolved an education as a legal assistant in order to learn a “real profession”.

I was lucky to get married and raised three children. After a long time, I wrote some stories just as a hobby. When my husband read the text, he was convinced, that it is less a hobby, but more a talent. The project, with has a special place in my heart, is “Multiversum”, and got the second place in a competition.

The ideas, which were in my head all the years, wanted to be written down. I was fascinated from all different kind of stories. Therefore, I needed different pseudonyms. I celebrated my breakthrough with “Die Duftnäherin”. Since then I can live my dream. On the one hand the writing gives me power in my everyday life, on the other hand it is stressful, because I laugh and cry with my figures such as readers do.

Since 2019 I am the managing director of the 'Maximum Verlags GmbH'. From now on I can share my knowledge about books with you and other people and help them to get successful!