Die heimliche Heilerin und die Könige

historical novel


The sequel of the successful series from the bestseller author Ellin Carsta - a new difficult trial, the »secret healer« gets imposed upon. 

Worms 1409: In front of the residental building of the secret healer a man with blood-soaked clothes collapses. Soon it gets visible, that his body is cluttered with stab wounds. Madlen and Franz are preparing the wound care, as two watchmen from king Ruprecht crash the house. They claim the dead stranger has given them a secret message. When Franz disputes this, they summarily arrest him. 

Madlen is shocked. She can not believe, what just happened. By all available means she works on finding and liberating her husband. But to be able for this, she has to figure out who the stranger is and what this secret message is all about...




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