Eine neue Zeit, the Hansen-saga, volume 2



Hamburg 1893: After turbulent years the financial situation of the Hansens is finally stable and they have reached power, prestige and influence. This is mainly the result of the big earnings from the cocoa beans at their cultivation in Cameroon. But the economic success is not reflected in the privacy of the family members. Dark clouds appear on the horizon. 

Luise has grown to an independent woman, she is introducing to the family counting house and is ascending in her career. As her father chooses a husband for her, she reacts with big rejection. She is not able to fix into the role of the well educated daughter, also because she is still fascinated by Cameroon and still in love with Hamza.  

The after adultery outcasted Elisabeth uses her energy to damage her ex husband an the Hansen family in every possible way. She starts to have an affair with August Frederiksen, the archenemy of the deceased father in law and makes a perfidious plan. Is she going to be successful and will ruin the Hansens?

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