Historical novel

Gysinheym at Rhine 1359: Isabel Velten is a strong woman who has faced a lot of problems in the past. Years after the death of her beloved husband, she finally seems to have found peace. Together with her son Albert and the chummy Stauber family, she takes care of the vineyards with great skills.

When Albert is on a business trip with Matthis Stauber to find new customers for their wine, the bishop appears in the monastery completely unexpected. In his role as a landlord of the Veltens and Staubers he wants to cancel all contracts. Isabel knows that this is not legal, and wants to defend herself by any means, even the abbot seems to be on their side. Though time is running, because the negotiations are only allowed between the young men themselves. She tries everything to get Albert and Matthis back in time. However the bishop is a powerful and cunning opponent who will soon show his true face. With deadly consequences ...


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Die Rezensentin

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